Andy Howard

Andy HowardWith a first degree in Geography and PhD in Quaternary geology, I have spent over 20 years working within the spheres of geoarchaeology, geomorphology and past environmental change, undertaking a varied portfolio of projects across the landscapes of the UK and continental Europe.

My career has spanned both the heritage consultancy sector and academia.  In the former, I have provided practical heritage advice focused around the development of mitigation strategies and solutions for major blue-chip companies, governmental agencies and other organizations charged with managing threats to the Historic Environment; in the latter, I have undertaken teaching and research focused around landscape evolution, archaeological preservation and geoprospection.  Over the last 5 years, I have become increasingly interested in the impact of future climate change on Heritage assets and I am currently directing a number of projects dealing with this aspect of landscape management.

In September 2013, I set up the consultancy Landscape Research & Management, with the aim of providing holistic, yet bespoke, environmental and geoarchaeological advice and practical assistance to organizations mitigating and managing historic landscapes within the heritage and natural environment sectors.