Geoprospection in Advance of Major Infrastructure Projects

Large-scale infrastructure projects and associated activities such as transport schemes, quarrying, flood risk management and green energy development, the latter both onshore and offshore, require geoarchaeological analysis of large terrain units, which usually comprise a variety of depositional environments and geological processes.  Working in collaboration with Headland Archaeology I have undertaken a variety of projects aimed at reconstructing landscape histories and identifying and mapping zones of varying archaeological potential.

Such studies usually combine a range of approaches including: the capture, analysis and interpretation of airborne (satellite imagery, Lidar, air photography) and terrestrial (geophysical) remotely sensed datasets, targeted coring, trial trenching and palaeoenvironmental sampling.  Modelling of lithostratigraphic units within a GIS framework tied to absolute dating chronologies (usually 14C, OSL) provides a framework for geoprospection and a risk management strategy for developers.