Future Climate Change and Heritage Assets

Whilst geological history demonstrates that the earth’s climate has always been in a state of flux underpinned by naturally variable cycles, it is now widely acknowledged that human adaptation of the planet is causing significant changes to current and future climate.  Such changes are beginning to place exceptional strains on the Historic Environment, which includes above and below ground archaeological remains.  Understanding how past geological and geomorphological processes have impacted on heritage sites can provide significant insights into contemporary and future landscape change, which in turn can inform risk assessment, hazard management and mitigation strategy.

My experience and services are focused around:

  • Identifying landscape processes and terrain evaluation in order to identify threats to historic assets.
  • Development of management strategies to mitigate the effects of climatic and environmental change.
  • Long term monitoring and management of Heritage assets.
  • Development and delivery of Knowledge Exchange programmes to enhance understanding of climate change issues to aid decision-making.