Why use us?

How our blend of experience helps us to provide practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

When undertaking any project that seeks to examine the natural environment, it is essential to understand the ‘big picture’ in addition to having a ‘local’ perspective. We realise the need to solve problems and address challenges in a way that is commercially effective, but retains integrity for both the client and other stakeholders.

Experience spanning both applied heritage consultancy and academia is rare; we can provide an in-depth, holistic understanding of how landscapes evolve through time, how they are sensitive to cultural and environmental change and what are the best methodologies required to manage them. In addition, our commercial knowledge grounds this experience so that we are able to provide practical, cost-effective solutions for our clients.

We are committed to keeping Landscape Research & Management small, in order to ensure that we fully engage with each project, ensuring that communication and dialogue with the client is effective and personal.  If a project requires additional expertise beyond our capabilities, we have established relationships with trusted partner organisations that will undertake tasks coordinated and project managed by the company.

Our philosophy is that all commissions are two-way partnerships and our approach ensures that the final products leaving the office are of the highest standard and quality.

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